ECG-1150 cardiofax C

ECG-1150 cardiofax C

Una pantalla LCD grande de 4.8 pulgadas con retroiluminación muestra toda las señales de 12 derivaciones al mismo tiempo.

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High accuracy of analysis and noiseless technology enable better care decision-making and eliminate the need to retest.

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ECG-2350 cardiofax M Electrocardiograph

Nihon Kohden’s ECAPS12C ECG analysis program includes over 200 findings and 5 judgment categories with detailed analysis. It can also detect Brugada ECG pattern.

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ECG-2250 cardiofax S Electrocardiograph

ECG-2250 satisfies the IEC60601-2-51 standard for high accuracy signal processing, AC filtering, ECG measurement and ECG analysis. Noise is eliminated with less waveform distortion.

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ECG-1250 cardiofax S Electrocardiograph

For identifying patients and easier filling you can enter patient ID, name and other information whith alphanumeric keys.

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ECG-2550 cardiofax G Electrocardiograph

The ECG-2550 incorporates many details to improve the routine work of physicians. We developed the ECG-2550 with features to answer the needs of professionals.

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ECG-1500 series cardiofax V Electrocardiographs

Saved waveforms data, measurement value and analysis results can be reviewed on the screen. You can zoom in on any part of the ECG waveform to examine it in more detail.

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ECG-1150 cardiofax C Electrocardiograph

ECAPS12C provides simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition and analysis with approximately 200 fi ndings and 5 judgements.

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ECG-1950 cardiofax VET Veterinary Electrocardiograph

CardiofaxVET, ECG-1950K, is a highly reliable 6-lead electrocardiograph for dogs and cats. It provides not only 6 channel resting recording but also 1 or 3 channel rhythm recording on 110 mm paper from a built-in thermal array printer.

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QB-905E ECG Viewer 3

ECG Viewer Software

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